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A Very Sad Day

Jan 12, 2022

This is a very sad day... our heart breaks for the three deminers who lost their life on Monday, January 10th, 2022 doing the difficult and dangerous job of demining.

It is the Cambodian Self Help Demining (CSHD) organization's first fatal accident in its 18-year history.

Please view the story on the Canadian Landmine Foundation ( website.


BTO provides free English education; business support for landmine survivors on the outskirts of Phnom Penh and in Takeo Province.

Over the years, many outreach programs have been undertaken to help these landmine affected families to become self-sufficient: a bike repair business, chicken farmer training, sewing lessons with a sewing machine, crafts, a technology centre, and a weaving centre.

Our Projects in CambodiaThere is also a huge need in the remote villages for medical help. Many never see a doctor: they do not have a doctor and cannot afford to travel to one. Malaria and tuberculosis continue to plague the remote villages. We need to educate throughout rural areas regarding the need for sanitation, aiding in the prevention and transmission of diseases. We need to work to ensure the health of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

Patti and Barbara are excited and optimistic about all of these projects and the fundraisers that we do every year. If you are unable to attend one of our fundraisers, but still wish to make a donation, we would be so grateful. Barbara and Patti are an Agency of a charity in Canada; as well, they have formed an alliance with a charity in the USA. As a result, all Canadian and USA donors can receive tax receipts, valid for their own country.


Our 4th School - Completed!

Our fourth school has been completed and is ready for the students! 158 students attended January 22, 2018!

Student Sponsorship

We are currently sponsoring three students at university. This includes tuition and books.

Teacher Sponsorship

We are sponsoring one of our teachers to take additional university courses in English on a part-time basis over the next year.

Toilet Installations

We have now installed 18 toilets over the last 3 ½ years for 18 families in the villages near our schools. FIVE more toilets will be installed over the next year for five other families.

Thank You...

Our thanks to all the attendees, and RCTW & CLMF for their fantastic support at our 1st Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser! Huge thanks to our donors and sponsors: Ticketmaster, Cineplex, Newediuk Funeral Homes, CIBC, Blyth Festival Theatre, the Village Players, Salon Allure, Sempre Pizza & Pasta, the Toronto Blue Jays, the chef's house, and the Canadian Landmine Foundation! Continued...

Our thanks to those who purchased Barbara Seagram's Three Part Slam Bidding Bridge Series lessons. Continued...

Our thanks to the University Women’s Club – Toronto for their wonderful donation of a family toilet for an impoverished family in Cambodia. Continued...

Our thanks to all the participants who purchased our Cambodian Scarves at the Windsor Water Event! Continued...

Our thanks to Rotary Wheels for Learning (RWFL) for their SIXTH distribution of bicycles completed at Banyan Tree Organization in Kampot! Continued...

Our thanks to all of the donors and bidders that participated in our FIRST ONLINE Cambodia Fundraiser Auction! Continued...

Our thanks to The SDM Group for their wonderful donation. Large bags full of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, makeup, deodorant, skin care and much much more were given to us by The SDM Group. Continued...

"Thank you Banyan Tree Organization (BTO) from the bottom of my heart for providing four toilets and one handwashing station to Samdech Decho Hun Sen Angtasom High School", said So Yieng (School Director). Continued...

Thank You...

OVER $60,000 RAISED!

to IG Wealth Management, IBM Canada Ltd and to the Rotary Club of Toronto West for their recent donation to our Cambodian Projects. Continued...

Thank You's...

From Prom Sreymom's family in Preykuy village, Leaybo Commune, Tramkak District, Takeo, and from Soun Mach's family in Preytheat Village, Leaybo Commune, Tramkak District, Takeo. Continued...

Thank You...

On behalf of Sok Ann Prey Sandek High School teachers, I would like to express my respect and gratefulness for this great contribution for our school. Continued...

Our focus is to make sure that our students and villagers have:

Safe Water

Access to safe water, a fundamental human need and a basic human right. In some cases, this may be as simple as teaching them the necessity of boiling water.

Hygiene & Sanitation

Access to health care and education aiding in the prevention and transmission of diseases, including: Handwashing Stations / Toilets / Days for Girls Kits.




Phnom Sampov, Battambang. I don't know the name of this fruit, but the students love to decorate for their teacher!


Students doing their English studies @ PhnomSampov

Weaving Centre

The weavers at Dove Weaving, Sammi and Sama, have been creating beautiful scarves...these are on the way to buyers in Australia.

New Pavilion

A new pavilion has been built at Chan Teap school in memory of CARL MCCOY (Husband of Lisa McCoy) Carl was very supportive of Lisa's work and due to his kindness she was able to dedicate much of her time to the projects in Cambodia. The pavilion creates shade for the students as well as a place to enjoy outdoor classes and other activities.

Khmer New Year Party

Students in Takeo Cambodia celebrating Khmer New Year!


To all of you who supported our Cambodian Schools fundraiser on Friday June 2nd. There were many who were unable to attend but generously donated to our cause anyway.

We are so grateful... Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram

To Lynda Miller who donated hundreds of brand new white tops and track pants in all sizes and to Leanne who brought over this HUGE supply of clothes and books over to the Chan Teap school located in Takeo!

We are so grateful... Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram

To Mary Miller and Sally Hill and all the local teachers at ACBL who helped sponsor our fundraiser! These funds will pay for a teacher for over 1/2 of a year.

We are so grateful... Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram

To Enid Roitman, who is always there to help. She makes the Silent Auction table look so fantastic; she greets the people in the morning; and she handles the collection of the Silent Auction payments at the end of the day. We really could not run this function without her!

We are so grateful... Patti Lee and Barbara Seagram